Your Mother! Forever!

The ‘Liar’ is another episode of the ‘Golden Girls’ that brings tears to the eyes.

Estelle Getty

Its true that the girls taught us that the families we create are just as important as the ones we’re born into. I mean, if you actually go and see, they’re at times, preferable.

Dorothy and Sophia! Well, they never really had a complete amicable relationship. I mean, as the eldest kid of the Petrillo family, it was Dorothy’s duty to look after the mother in her twilight years— Despite not being Sophia’s favorite.

Dorothy was a smart woman. But she usually fell short of her mother’s zingers, which was a tough task. Their frequent fights blew would start in seconds and end with “Pussycat” and “Ma” making up by episode’s end. But what makes this late-season, late-series entry different is that it suggests that there are some offenses that can’t be forgiven. Here’s Why?

Dorothy learns about her mother sending her senior prom date away; big deal, right? I mean, that was decades ago. However, this opportunity wasn’t going to be left by Dorothy.

Dorothy & Prom

This was the moment where her self-esteem took a nose – dive, which took her years to recover. It’s one answer as to why she ended up with her ex – husband, Stan. She wouldn’t stop demanding an answer.

Sophia explains – The guy wasn’t showing her daughter the proper respect and that she wanted her darling – daughter, Dorothy to be safe. Dorothy, well finally, she realized that her mom’s always been looking out for her best interests.

Dorothy & Sophia

There’s no doubt that you’ll get tears in your eyes, watching the old lady’s daughter go to the prom, and return to tell her mother all about it.

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