Pk’s Chocolate Cheesecake

This chocolate cheesecake is everything you want it to be: It’s rich, dense, and has lots of chocolate on it. Not only that — it’s simple to put together, requiring neither special ingredients nor a fussy bake – bath. In fact, you’ve found a rich cheesecake to enjoy.

Mr. Pranav Kelkar – The first time I saw him. He was sitting in Suzette’s Kitchen Garden at Bandra, Mumbai. He was a luxury fashion student then, who played a part time classical singer at concerts. He had a passion for baking desserts. So, he suddenly entered the School of European Pastry, which is known to be one of the best decisions of his life.

It was the time of Christmas. I had to shop for a party, and there weren’t other shops available for chocolate cheesecakes. It was for a friend’s house party. Plus, it was too expensive. It was how I placed an order of biscuits and for a chocolate cheesecake with him.

Moving to the desserts, I did love the biscuits. They were chocolate chip cookie – biscuits, which not only felt crunchy yet well baked. It was sweet and had chocolate chips in them, which actually did melt in our mouths after breaking the cookies with a bite.

The package looked simple yet stylish. It had a red ribbon on it, which was used to tie the pack. Followed by Christmas wishes on it.

It was time for some chocolate cheesecake. Because though it’s Christmas, we’ve always hated rum cake. As we opened the chocolate cheesecake, all of us dived into it at once.

The chocolate cheesecake had a fine design. Moving in lines the little crosses of chocolate as decoration. Making it wanted with the words – Merry Christmas!

The chocolate cheesecake had some chocolate chips on the sides and between. The cream cheese even was soft thought it did melt in the mouth well.

The best part about it was the thick biscuit crust made for such a cheesecake. I decided to test how fresh was Pk’ chocolate cheesecake by comparing it with a cheesecake made by another pastry chef of a bakery. It really added weight to the carry, and did keep the cake in shape for eight whole days.

The amount of butter added to bake kept the crust was enough. It worked well to avoid break within the crust and cheese. The chocolate added in is Felchlin chocolate, which comes from Switzerland. It is one of the best chocolates that works to lighten my mood. It may be addictive. But there’s nothing better than this on my plate.

Thus, Pranav Kelkar and his Chocolate Cheesecake turned hit at the Christmas party. Sharing a secret, I hid some for the next eight days to test it. But then, ran into the bedroom and had myself stuffed before my brother could do it.

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